• neoparking EN
    Parking online
    booking service
    Neoparking is an online booking carpark service enhanced
    with the power of a price comparator. It improves vastly the
    fluidity of traffic in major cities and reduces congestion by
    leveraging the available parking possibilities.

    With Neoparking, get increased profitability of your parking
    lots and benefit from an online booking service to multiply
    the visibility of your short-term and long-term parking offers.

    Increase your revenues by promoting different sales cha-
    nnels for your carparks and get the most from our interna-
    tional presence to attract new customers.
  • neosmart EN
    Leveraging global
    parking data
    Specialized in traffic and mobility analytics through use
    of our smart data, we are able to provide cartographers
    and partners a very wide array of rich information.

    Featuring a easy-to-connect API and over 130 million
    of operational data, we provide real-time POI and par-
    king information , booking offers and requests from end
    customers as well as complete price lists and over 75
    other specific criteria.
  • parkingpublic EN
    Parking booking services
    comparator platform
    Benefit from the network of parking-public websites : a unique parking
    information center and comparator for online parking booking services.

    Publish your own ads, parkings information, booking offers and good
    deals and master your web visibility and your SEO.

    Service available in full mobility (mobile website and dedicated app) and
    in six languages. Full reporting of your performances available to never
    loose your online ROI from sight!
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Corporate news

Parking Smart Data

After more than two years of R&D, Neopark has launched a whole new services, aimed at parking operators and cities, to refine and increase their car parks' revenues. Thanks to extremely sharp mapping tools, operators can now see live all parking requests in major city areas in real time. You can test a map here: Smart Parking Map


Encouraged by the skyrocketing growth of its digital services with a tripling of its turnover in the last two years, NEOPARK becomes a leading company for online parking services and booking offers with more than 20,000 carpark spots available per day for booking and on 330 parkings.

Neopark, SAS.

64 Rue Nationale
75013 Paris - France
T: +33(0) 1 84 17 55 60
E: bonjour@neopark.fr